************** IMPORTANT UPDATE *************

2013 OWL Membership Drive

Member renewals are now due!

Member dues are a critical source of revenue for OWL.  2012 was a banner year for OWL- we were able to DOUBLE the number of National Events from 6 to 12!  This allowed OWL to provide over 625 participant experiences, involving in excess of 2,000 total attendees.

While this is outstanding news, we have not been able to receive the necessary increase in revenues that allow us to sustain this growth.  Please take a moment and click the JOIN OWL TODAY link above. 

We have added a new membership category "Team OWL", which, in addition to the regular member benefits will receive a personalized embroidered shirt, that along with your name states "I Help Change and Save Lives"As an added incentive, the FIRST 25 folks to sign up will be entered in an exclusive "Team OWL Members-Only Gun Raffle"!  That's a 1 in 25 chance to win a brand new rifle!

********** ULTIMATE 100 GUN RAFLLE WINNERS **********

SMITH&WESSON SHIELD 9MM OR .40 david holloway
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN mary cronic
RUGER LC9 LASERMAX scott mcvickers
STOEGER 3000 12 GA. CAMO adam ledford
RUGER LC-9 floyd bellard
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 hugh ...todd null
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 john gaultney
GLOCK-23 chris davis
REMINGTON 700 SPS gibson fallaw jr.
RUGER AMERICAN .308 W/SCOPE charles gross
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 bert collins
GLOCK-23 bert collins
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO jody blackmon
RUGER AMERICAN jordan anderson
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN greg verlander
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 bobby whitlock
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO russ wilkerson
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 clifford manley
RUGER LC-9 jody blackmon
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN rocky bales
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 david holloway
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 joseph pickens
REMINGTON 700 SPS-.243 peter baker
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN mitch mullis
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 bobby whitlow
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 jason mcnabb
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO grandin eakle
RUGER LC-9 anthony holsenbach
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN jordan anderson
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 sandra williams
FN-FNX-9MM / .40 aaron burgess
STOEGER 3500 12 GA. CAMO tim maynard
RUGER AMERICAN doug barnes
RUGER AMERICAN .308 W/SCOPE sgt.douglas capps
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 jeff garmon
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 dennis moon
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 josh godbold
RUGER LC-9 sam williams
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN doug foppe
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 robert tompkins
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 ronald vaughn
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO stephen cain sr.
RUGER AMERICAN .243 W/SCOPE tommy norred
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 john segenak
STOEGER 3000 12 GA. CAMO casey davis
REMINGTON 700 SPS heather brock
HENRY LEVER ACTION-22 paul nicholas
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN doris thomas
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 clark dunn
GLOCK-19 barry mize jr.
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO scott mobley
RUGER AMERICAN doug barnes
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN timothy suda
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 todd gilbert
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 justyn fox
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 john scarborough
HENRY LEVER ACTION-22 jerry cash
RUGER AMERICAN 7mm-08 W/SCOPE david armstrong
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 matt hayes
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 josh goodbold
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO james davis
RUGER LC-9 richard liquie
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN dennis bell
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 michael cain
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 clay ware
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 oneal fallaw
RUGER AMERICAN dave peninger
RUGER LC9 LASERMAX martin murdock
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 phil wallace
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO josh goodbold
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 craig meeks
RUGER LC-9 jerry strauerbridge
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN justin green
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 richard latham
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 justin huff
STOEGER 3500 12 GA. CAMO patrick shealy
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN bucky carithers
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 thomas cain
FN-FNX-9MM / .40 donald jones
REMINGTON 700 SPS greg barnes
RUGER LC-9 peter baker
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 ricky hayes
GLOCK-19 jeff ertzberger
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO sam adams
RUGER AMERICAN jeff hutchins
RUGER AMERICAN .308 W/SCOPE john segenak
HENRY GOLDEN BOY-22 russel woodward
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 frankie steele
STOEGER 3000 12 GA. CAMO charles craft
RUGER 10-22 TAKEDOWN donna davison
WEATHERBY 12 GA. AUTO todd haagan/commerce
SMITH&WESSON M&P-22 jerry cash
DPMS SPORTACLE AR-15 shannon markle








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Welcome to "Outdoors Without Limits (OWL)."  OWL is a unique organization that empowers people to reach their potential in a setting that breaks down barriers and removes stereotypes through our love of the...The Great Outdoors!



Both Nationally and through our community-based chapters all across North America, OWL has the voice to speak on behalf of all disabled Outdoorsmen and Women.  OWL is uniquely positioned in the Outdoor Industry to work on behalf of Sportsmen and women, children, disabled/wounded U.S. Veterans and Senior Outdoorsmen.


Watch our Video for a Special Message from Outdoors Without Limits Founder & Executive Director Kirk Thomas and to learn more about OWL.






Mission of Outdoors Without Limits:


To promote awareness and teamwork between disabled and non-disabled individuals through education and outdoor recreational activities. 

Welcome to the First Edition of the OWL Experience Newsletter! This will be a Quarterly newletter, and we welcome your submissions.  To submit articles, photos, events or chapter information for future issues, email the Editor, Amy Garmon at

theOWLexperience@yahoo.com. Thanks to Amy for all of her hard work making the news letter a reality!


****Check out the Sportsman With Disabilities forum hosted by GON


Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) is proud to have Hank Parker Sr. as our National Spokesman.

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