About Outdoors Without Limits


Outdoors Without Limits is a website that promotes awareness of joining outdoor activities regardless of weather, physical and financial conditions. We are committed to high-quality and accurate writing, whether we are posting a “how-to” guide, a product review, or an educational essay about the outdoors. Objectivity is important to us. We only write about topics we are passionate about, and it shows in our writing.


Outdoors Without Limits holds to 3 rules:

  1. Knowledge empowers people. We believe that our informational articles and reviews will empower readers by sharing our knowledge and experience. We hope that by providing information on how to get started enjoying outdoor activities, our readers would feel more confident about participating in outdoor activities.
  2. Repairing, recycling, and sustainable products are good for everyone. Every time you go cycling, we don’t want you to run out and buy brand-new outdoor gear. Instead, we want you to buy fewer but better products. For example, if you can repair your bike and it runs smoothly, that is fantastic. That is why we give educational articles about bike repair and maintenance.
  3. Getting active outdoors is healthy.  The CDC recommends that individuals engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity every week to stay physically healthy. Many medical research find that exercise benefits mental health by increasing mood, preventing depression, lowering anxiety, and reducing stress. Recent scientific research shows that outdoor exercise is superior to indoor exercise for boosting mental health.

Outdoor Without Limits is 100% funded BY OUR READERSHIP

  • Without our readers, we would not exist.
  • There are no advertisements on our website.
  • We do not accept payment for product placement.
  • We do not accept compensation for product reviews.

All our revenue derives from affiliate link commissions. That means that if you see a product you like in one of our reviews, click on the link, and then purchase it from the seller, we receive a small commission. The commission we receive comes from the seller, not you. You only pay the price quoted by the seller. You pay nothing extra. We do not promote or advertise products. We make recommendations, but these are often tailored to specific people. For example, in a review one product may be better for beginners, a second for experts, and a third for readers on a budget. We provide you with information about the product and our opinions about the product, but the final decision about whether to buy or not is yours. We will always state which item of gear is the best value in our opinion.

What we call our Editor’s Choice. We will do this whether or not we are able to receive a commission on that product. If we were to make poor recommendations, and our readers were unhappy with their choice, then we would gain a bad reputation and lose readership. Therefore, it is in our interest as an organization to give objective, accurate, and clear guidance. That is why we will always inform you about the bad attributes of a product as well as the good. Our chief aim is to ensure our readers grow to trust our judgment. If they do, they will return to us when they need advice again and recommend us to their friends and family.