Bird flying into house: Spiritual signs hidden behind 9 birds

Birds represent freedom, modification, knowledge, strength, happiness, enjoyment, and so on. However, what is the spiritual meanings signified when birds fly into houses? Some might consider this poor fortune or death for the house’s residents. Others might believe it’s a sign that things will go well for the homeowner.

So, if “unexpected visitors” have been dropping by your home recently, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s talk about the spiritual connotations of the birds flying into your house. 

Why do birds keep flying into my house?

bird flying into house
Spiritual meaning of bird flying into house

Birds do not fly into your homes intentionally. Birds continue to fly into buildings either because they are being hoodwinked by inward lights, seeking food, refuge, warmth, a place to nest, or just by accident. The 3 most common reasons would be: 

Misguided by indoor lights

Many birds may be fooled by your led lighting and enter your home if you keep your windows open and lights on at night while they travel great distances at night during the spring and autumn migration seasons. In fact, a program called “Lights Out” has been established to inform and persuade the public to switch off their lights during migration since the issue of birds breaking into houses or flying into windows at night is so severe.

Every year, an estimated 365 – 988 million birds are killed in accidents with buildings, including a number of species of urgent conservation concern.

To seek food

Another well-known reason birds continually attempt to enter your house is to get food during harsh weather. For example, in winter cardinals/robins/bluebirds, which don’t migrate to warm places, will help themselves to find easy food, such as food leftovers lying around your home, rather than hunting in the wild! In that case, you should prepare some foods to help them survive according to some tips below:

To find shelter

Birds usually inhabit an environment devoid of adequate protection from weather elements. Birds may fly into your home for refuge if you live in a region with frequent rain or intense summer heat. They could also temporarily take shelter in your house during thunderstorms or sun-scorching days.

If you want to keep birds out of your house safely, you can read on this article: Why and How to keep birds out of garage and your house: 10 effective ways

What is the spiritual meaning of a bird flying in your house?

The belief that birds may bring messages to humans is among the most common superstitions. Since the time of the ancient Romans, birds have been highly revered as spiritual beings. People would study a bird’s appearance and determine its species to determine if it was a good or terrible omen. Birds represent many things, including fertility, freedom, protection, joy, and strength. However, if a bird comes inside your house, it indicates its omen will come true for you. 

Depending on your culture or religious beliefs, birds in a house may have spiritual meanings. The breed and color of the bird are also important factors. The widespread consensus is that it represents disease or death. Not all types of birds may carry such terrible news, though. It can come as a pleasant surprise for some people, but it might also be bad news for the family. This article will only discuss the significance of birds entering the home in American culture. 

So, is the bird flying in your house mean good luck? Let’s find out.

9 common spiritual birds that you’re likely to meet at your house and the omens they bring 


One of the animal kingdom’s most intelligent birds is the owl. Many Native American cultures believe that owls represent intelligence and knowledge. When you encounter an owl, someone from above may attempt to communicate with you because owls are also thought to be messengers from heaven. 

The belief may vary depending on the color of the owl. Black owls are not only spiritual protectors but also emblems of the subconscious mind. White owls are real change and transformation agents. They are the animal kingdom’s visionaries, representing a strong connection with our higher selves and a desire for cosmic change. Grey owls symbolize the yin and yang of life, the concept that even though we can’t see the entire route ahead of us, we must trust the steps in front of us.


Crow symbolism varies by culture and includes some of the most common meanings such as Adaptability, ingenuity and intellect, collaboration and reciprocity, metamorphosis, and psychic skills.

Crows are considered to have developed from an early Corvid endemic to Australia. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the Aboriginal peoples of Australia have a lot to say about crows and their symbolism. Crow is a trickster deity for cleverness, knowledge, cunning, and deception. Crow is also known for jealousy and selfishness among Aboriginal Australians.

Crows are fierce fighters in Celtic mythology, affiliated with the combat Goddess Morrigan. They are also connected with death, metamorphosis, and war triumph. Crows are considered auspicious in Hindu mythology because they serve as messengers between the realms of people and spirits.

Find out for more:


Many people associate ravens with death or bad luck, while for others, they represent rebirth and a fresh start, functioning as a good indication. There are three major reasons why ravens are connected with bad luck. Black is a timeless representation of melancholy, grief, and horrible catastrophes. Death is associated with it since these birds have historically served as spiritual symbols. Additionally, it’s common to observe ravens flocking over dead bodies and fervently devouring the rotting flesh. It would be very unsettling to see a raven constantly visiting your home; therefore, take actions to prevent their sudden arrival, such as lowering window reflection, keeping the area around your home clean, or moving the bird feeders.

Raven is a talking bird with the ability to mimic human speech. Raven has been connected with insight, prophecy, and wisdom due to this skill. Ravens provide Odin knowledge and wisdom in Norse mythology. Odin, a wise character, is nearly typically represented by the two ravens.


The cardinal bird is a North American bird that is considered lucky. The order Passeriformes, which includes the family Cardinalidae and the species known as cardinals, is by far the biggest order of birds. Cardinals are recognized by their four unwebbed toes on each foot, together with three claws facing forward and one claw pointing backward.

Cardinals are believed to be lucky symbols in several cultures. In the United States, a cardinal symbolizes good fortune and reassurance that someone is keeping an eye on you on the other side.

People also believe that if you have just lost someone close to you, seeing a cardinal is a clear sign to take heart – since the person you loved has already made it safely to paradise and is now watching over you from a better place.

Grey birds/Catbirds

You can see grey birds like crows, ravens, magpies, or pigeons flying into our houses. A grey bird often represents clarity and serenity. After difficult times, it frequently appears to give peace and optimism indications.

But we would like to mention catbirds, a bird with gray plumage that also has its own meaning. Catbirds are connected with a variety of meanings and traits in Native American cultures as totem animals. Catbirds are generally considered a reminder to utilize our voices and communicate our opinions with people because they are noted for their catlike noises and ability to mimic other birds. Catbirds are considered spirit messengers or bearers of good news in various Native American beliefs.

In the Celtic and ancient Greek culture, catbird folklore associates them with the goddess. The Bible is the source of catbird Christianity symbolism. In the book of Isiah, catbirds are portrayed as animals that can imitate cats. Catbirds are also mentioned in the book of Revelations as being present in the ultimate fight between good and evil.

Source: The Bird Pedia


In general, the sparrow spirit animal represents life balance in terms of personal profession, family, and relationships. It also serves as a reminder to maintain your health and never sacrifice it for the sake of stuff in this huge wide world.

Finding a sparrow inside your home signifies that luck and wealth have entered your life. It is a sign that you are about to meet the love of your life for those searching for real love. Some people believe that the sparrow is a marriage symbol. The sparrow brings fresh air into your home as it flies in. It has here to prevent any suffering, bad luck, or negative cycles you may be experiencing by flying into your home.

In native American culture, sparrows are regarded as messengers from heaven. Those who have passed away utilize them to communicate with those on Earth. Sparrows are not well appreciated in Europe. Instead, they represent death and bad luck. When sparrows enter people’s homes in Kent, they must be killed or someone near them will die. In Celtic culture, a sparrow also denotes enormous power and strength, which needs further courage and support from others.

Brown bird

Brown birds are also frequently associated with strength and stability. They are often seen as auspicious omens, and their presence is frequently interpreted as a harbinger of good fortune.

A brown bird flying into your house predicts a significant shift in your life. It exists to inspire you to pursue a life that is entirely different from what you have been living up until now. This requires a firm commitment of you to accept life’s new difficulties with the appropriate attitude. Believe in your ability to overcome whatever challenge you may encounter. Additionally, you will adjust to the shifting conditions and succeed.


Doves are typically gentle and quiet birds. Their gentle cooing and pure white plumage make them excellent symbols of peace, love, faith, and freedom.

Pigeons and doves both symbolize monogamy in most Native American traditions owing to the way they couple for life. Doves were viewed as a sign of fertility and the Great Spirit’s deliverance.

For Egyptians, the dove signified innocence and the Tree of Life. In China, doves symbolize loyalty and longevity. This means having lengthy and pleasant relationships throughout one’s life.

Source: World Birds


In North America, some common backyard hawks are likely to be seen in your backyards such as the sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper’s hawk, red-tailed hawk, and American kestrel. Hawks are regarded as animal guides. They carry vital signals from the universe and can serve as your animal guide. It signifies the spirit world’s messengers. Seeing a hawk indicates that the universe is attempting to teach you crucial lessons in order to better your knowledge. A hawk sighting may also indicate that you need to focus more on your work in order to complete it successfully.

It is unusual for hawks to approach humans. These birds are known all throughout the world for their merciless hunting ability. The reason hawks visit your backyard is they are hunting small prey surrounding bird feeders like cardinals, sparrows,… To keep them away from your house and your birds, you can find more info in this article: How to keep hawks away from bird feeders: 6 Actionable Tips

Source: Outside My Window

10 common superstitions about birds you should know

Since the dawn of humankind, birds have been connected to myths and omens. Many ancient people thought that our feathery creatures were messengers from the gods or even actualized images of the gods. Today, superstitions about birds are prevalent in most civilizations throughout the world. Some of these beliefs are universal, while others are regional, and moreover, it appears that no one can agree on whether birds bring good or ill luck. Here, we explore several well-known and less common bird superstitions from throughout the world. Please share any more ones you are aware of in the comments section.

  1. The presence of crows in a graveyard is unlucky. 
  2. Having a bird poop on your head is lucky.
  3. It is unlucky to bring peacock feathers into the house. 
  4. An approaching death is indicated by a bird flying inside the home. 
  5. Your year is predicted by whatever you are doing when you hear the first cuckoo. 
  6. If you have a wren’s feather with you, you can avoid drowning. 
  7. It is bad luck to hurt or kill a robin. 
  8. The Crown and the kingdom will collapse if the ravens depart the Tower of London. 
  9. The hooting of an owl indicates a terrible omen.
  10. It is unlucky to kill an albatross.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bird a good omen?

Some birds are believed to bring bad luck, while others bring pleasure and good fortune. Both positive and negative connotations are no less than myths in the absence of scientific proof. However, they could act as a wake-up call that we need to get our lives back on track.

Is a bird flying into your house good luck?

Although there are specific regional variances of superstitions regarding birds entering your home, it is not considered a sign of good fortune. In actuality, the whole reverse is true. It is said that a bird coming into your home precedes terrible news. Many even think that this unusual occurrence portends death.

Which bird is good luck for home?

Birds have been considerably featured as lucky charms because they are typically regarded as symbols of love and peace – two things everybody wants in abundance. Therefore, robins, woodpeckers, owls, ducks, and magpies are seen as emblems of good luck.

Which bird symbolizes wealth?

Peacocks are emblems of prestige and prosperity because they are linked to beauty and wisdom. They are regarded as the phoenix of the earth. 

The tail feathers of peacocks are iridescent and beautiful. In the natural world, there are very few things with this grace. The several “eyes” on the fanned tail are also a homage to knowledge and the ability to perceive things clearly and brilliantly as they are in the real world. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s not usually a sign of bad luck when a bird flies into your house. The spiritual significance of a bird coming into your home relies on your culture and your superstitious beliefs. In general, you may base your prediction of what might happen to you and your loved ones on identifying the species, its symbolic spiritual meaning, or even its colour. 

In conclusion, several things can happen when a bird flies into a house, but the significant meanings are huge change, freedom, happiness, or even a health concern to the home’s occupant. These messages do not always come true precisely how they sound. They might be warnings, reassurances, or reminders instead.