Here is Burris binoculars review with 02 most popular series

Burris is a famous optics brand made in the USA. This article will show you an overall evaluation of this brand and its two main binoculars series. If you are looking for Burris binoculars review, read this.

About Burris brand

Burris binoculars review
Burris binoculars review

The Burris Company was established in 1971 and was given Don Burris’s name. Burris, a design engineer for Redfield, an optics business with headquarters in Denver, thought he could create a riflescope that was superior to the ones already on the market. 

Don Burris’ new business manufactured rings, bases, and open sights during its first four years in business, but he soon returned to designing and making sporting optics. The Fullfield riflescope, which he started selling as the company’s first optic in 1975, has become an industry classic and is being produced today.

The business that retains Don Burris’ name has expanded and has been the first to market numerous novel goods even after his death in 1987. In 2002, Beretta Holdings purchased it, adding it to the Beretta group of businesses.

Despite significant manufacturing outsourcing over the years, particularly to China and the Philippines, there has been a rise in the popularity of goods created in the United States. The company currently offers a full range of rings and bases, red-dot and reflex sights, hunting and tactical riflescope scopes, and rings.

For binoculars, the Burris brand manufacture two main product lines, namely, Signature HD and Droptine to serve different customer segments. 

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Burris’s two main binoculars series


The Burris Droptine Binocular line is designed to provide the ruggedness demanded by hunters and other extreme binocular users. The easy-grip external rubber armoring makes them easy to hold, even in damp weather or with gloves. They are comfortable and lightweight enough for extended glassing.

The Droptine binoculars offer the performance you expect at a reasonable price, just like the Droptine range of riflescopes. The Droptines are available in the 8X42 and 10X42 models.

The Burris Optics Droptine Binoculars combine comfort with performance thanks to their high-density BAK4 roof prisms, low-dispersion glass, and fully multi-coated optics, which maximize light transmission and reduce internal light loss to produce bright, clear, high-contrast images with true color fidelity. 

Users are provided with an immersive observational experience on the trail, at the range, or in the wild when these excellent performance factors are combined with a field of view that approaches wide-angle, comfortable eye relief, twist-up eyecups, and a large focus wheel.

The binoculars’ construction features, which include nitrogen-filled optical tubes that are O-ring sealed to be watertight and resistant to internal fogging when going through extreme temperature fluctuations, complete its optical capabilities. 

Their protective slip-resistant rubber armoring surrounds their lightweight and strong aluminum alloy chassis, and textured palm pads give extra grip power, especially in chilly and rainy conditions.  With an extra adaptor, these Droptine binoculars may be tripod mounted for extended viewing periods or to free up your hands.

Signature HD series

The Signature HD models are available in 8X42, 10X42, and 12X50. The Signature HD is more expensive and premium than Droptine. It features an open bridge design with phase-corrected BaK4 prisms that the Droptine lacks. There’s a difference of approximately $150-$200 between the two series.

The Signature HD Binoculars are the top-of-the-line model in the Burris line-up and feature high-performance HD lenses and BaK-4 prisms for clearer, more detailed views. When viewing in difficult lighting circumstances, the multi-coated lenses produce optimum light transmission and minimize unwanted glare.

Add a wide field of view, accommodating eye relief, twist-up eyecups, and a sizable focus wheel to this excellent performance. Users are given the opportunity to observe wildlife up close while on a trail, at a range, or in the wild. 

The Signature HD binoculars employ phase-corrected prisms, which reduce internal light diffusion, to lessen the development of comas and halos. Despite the existence of phase-corrected optical components, some chromatic aberration was also seen, though in very small amounts. When combined with the greater degree of contrast provided by the phase-corrected prisms, the image formed is fully color neutral and aids in producing a crisp, clear image.

The focus knob of Burris’ Signature HD binoculars is unusually large and entirely wrapped in textured black rubber, which essentially improves the grip’s stability. The entire focusing procedure is easy and effective. It can be completed quickly and easily. The minimum near the focus of the 8x variety has been estimated to be roughly 7.5 feet, while the minimum close focus of the 10x variant is 8.2 feet.

This pair of binoculars are equipped with a set of soft, black rubber rain guards that are connected by a link made of the same material. This rain guard works quite well and fits over the eyecups so precisely that it won’t fall off even accidentally. Additionally, Burris added holders to each eyecup so that the binocular strap could be attached while the rain guard was on.

Burris warranty services

The Burris Forever Warranty applies to all Burris Optics. In the event that your Burris optic is harmed or flawed, Burris will fix it or replace it. Future owners will automatically receive the warranty. Loss, theft, willful damage, and cosmetic damage that does not impair the product’s functionality are not covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.


All in all, Burris is a long-standing optics brand in the USA. There are two main lines of binoculars Burris company is manufacturing: Signature HD and Droptine. In this Burris binoculars review, I have indicated different features for different needs so that you can choose the right ones.