The goal of Outdoors Without Limits is to educate those with disabilities about activities in the outdoors while offering them the opportunity to participate through our local chapter system and our National Ultimate Adventure program.

The mission of Outdoors Without Limits is accomplished through teamwork. Participants are teamed up with non-disabled volunteer. This person-to-person bond fosters hope, confidence, self-esteem and independence in people with disabili­ties. For our non-disabled partners, we see attitudes and spirits change through the life changing experiences they help us provide.

We are committed to the development and growth of Outdoors Without Limits. The organization continues to evolve through operational improvements such as recruiting participants, members, volunteers, partners, event opportunities, partnerships, family involvement, chapter awareness, disability awareness, and educational opportunities.

Outdoors Without Limits is experiencing major growth, which translates into success. While we’re extremely proud of our accomplishments thus far, we realize our mission is not complete. We continually focus on furthering our mission of Outdoors Without Limits to reach and involve more individuals. 


OWL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. While revenue is extremely important and needed, we refuse to allow funds interfere with opportunity. As an example of this, membership with OWL is elective, not a requirement. What we do is not about memberships, it’s about the opportunities we provide in order to accomplish our mission, change and hopefully save lives.