Despite physical and medical constraints, mobility scooters are one of the finest ways for seniors to maintain their independence. They allow you to go about your day without restriction even if you cannot push a wheelchair or even walk on your own. Although mobility scooters are expensive, if you’re lucky, they can be free!

Read our article on how to get a mobility scooter for free if you need a superb mobility aid but lack the funds to buy one. 

What is a mobility scooter?

Three- or four-wheeled mobility scooters are used by people with restricted mobility to stay independent and active. They can be ridden for several kilometers without the power running out and are made to be used both inside and outside.

Batteries power mobility scooters, which can be operated with no physical effort. For those with severe disabilities who cannot utilize other devices, such as canes and walkers, they are the perfect mobility aid. Because of this, many older citizens use them virtually every day when they are out and about, conducting errands, or just enjoying the outdoors.

how to get a mobility scooter for free
How to get a mobility scooter for free. Source Verywell Health

What Is the Price of a Mobility Scooter?

The cost of a mobility scooter ranges from $600 to $4,000. Each scooter is designed for a certain function, which is why there is such a broad difference in price. Others are more lightweight and designed for assisted care facilities, while some are developed for heavy-duty use and have a 500-pound weight capacity.

Mobility scooters will have features that can make them pricey depending on what they are used for. For instance, the Patriot from Golden Technologies is designed to be used continuously on any surface. You’ll have to pay more than $3,500 for it. The Metro Compact is designed for less formal activities like local shopping and transit, which costs less than a third as much.

Do I Qualify for a Mobility Scooter?

Many people who require a mobility scooter are still not aware that getting one might be virtually totally covered by their insurance company and their doctors. There will be some work for you to do, but not much.

The first thing you should do is schedule a consultation with your doctor to see if you qualify for a mobility scooter that is supported by insurance. Inquire them about mobility aids specific to your ailment that limits mobility.

Your doctor will issue you a prescription for a mobility scooter if the pain and stress of not having one make it difficult for you to move around. Additionally, it is the doctor’s prescription that informs insurance and Medicare providers that you need a mobility chair for medical reasons.

How to get a mobility scooter for free 

Medicare, charities, and other organizations all play important roles in providing financial assistance to help the mobility handicapped access mobility aids. Some programs will cover all of the expenses for purchasing an electric mobility scooter, while others may just provide some assistance.

how to get a mobility scooter for free
How to get a mobility scooter for free with Medicare and Mediaid. Source MedicareFAQ

Government health insurance options

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a government health insurance program that is available to certain disabled people (18 and older) and seniors (65 and older). To be eligible, you must also be a citizen of the United States or a valid resident of the country. Medicare is an individual program, meaning each person who needs coverage must meet the requirements, apply for coverage, and make their own coverage decisions. Therefore, couples, houses, and families are not covered.

What is Medicaid?

Conversely, Medicaid is a state-run initiative that provides low-income people and families with health insurance.

How can I use Medicare or Medicaid to get a mobility scooter for free?

You might be eligible to receive a mobility scooter if you’re enrolled in Medicare Part B. You (or supplemental insurance) will be responsible for the remaining 20% after Medicare pays 80% of the cost. In other words, Medicare Part B will contribute $1,160 if you are accepted for a mobility scooter that costs $1,450.

Due to their classification as a Durable Medical Device, mobility scooters are covered by Medicare (DME).

These gadgets are thought to be medically necessary for some elderly people’s quality of life. Wheelchairs, canes, and walkers are further DME examples.

So, 80% of the price of your mobility scooter will be covered by Medicare, but what about the remaining 20%? Medicaid can be helpful if your household has a reduced income. A medically necessary scooter will be completely covered by Medicaid (or if you have both Medicare and Medicaid, the 20% left over from Medicare).

One more reminder: the mobility scooter you select must be purchased from a company that accepts Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, your doctor needs to accept Medicare. To discover providers, visit the Medicare website to find this information.

Social Security and State Disability Assistance

A much-needed mobility scooter may be fully or partially covered by state-issued disability compensation.

You should be able to get support from Social Security and disability benefits. The major drawback to this choice is that it will take several months for your application to be handled.

Nevertheless, this is always a viable option to take into account if the earlier methods of obtaining a free mobility scooter proved unsuccessful.

The American Outreach Foundation

The American Outreach Foundation was founded to help veterans and people from lower-income households who lack the funds to purchase the essential equipment to maintain their mobility. To those who qualify, the Foundation provides free mobility scooters and chairs.

Visit their website and complete the request form if you want to know how to get a mobility scooter for free.

If you possess or meet any of the following, your application will be taken into consideration:

Even if you are ineligible due to one of the aforementioned factors or your location, you should still think about contacting the Foundation. They might be able to direct you to a helpful group.

Visit to learn more about the American Outreach Foundation.


Numerous organizations are willing to help if you are unable to finance a mobility scooter despite being denied coverage by Medicare or private insurance. You must prove your need as part of the application process for the majority of these charities. But each organization has its unique procedure, which you may learn more about by going to their website.

Summary: How to Get a Mobility Scooter For Free

It is possible to obtain a free mobility scooter, although it is not always straightforward. You will always need a prescription from a doctor, but your technique may involve a ton of paperwork. The greatest options to receive a free mobility scooter are through Medicare and private insurance, but for people with limited resources, Social Security and nonprofit grants are quite beneficial. Have you ever received a scooter for nothing? Do you have any queries or advice that has been effective? Please share them in the space provided below.

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