Why and How to keep birds out of garage and your house: 10 effective ways

While birds may be pleasant guests in your backyard or garden, they can easily become an annoyance when coming inside your house or garage. You may be faced with avian poops on your car, nests on your roof, and a messy garage. Some people think shooting them away or shouting will get the job done. However, when birds are in panic mode, they fly aimlessly and hurt themselves. Here are a few successful ways how to keep birds out of garage.

Why are birds attracted to my house and garage?

Obviously, birds are born and grow up in nature, so why do they even decide to visit houses, where humans live and potentially harm them? They don’t intend to visit your house or garage. 

The most popular explanation is that birds mistake the glass window for a continual space. Also, they get into your house or garage to find food, find shelter, warmth, or even a place to nest. Some hungry little birds need to constantly feed themselves throughout the day. Undoubtedly, available food lying around your house is easy for them to eat compared to hunting out in the wild.

By allowing them to come into your kitchen and pick up food too often, it can gradually cultivate a habit for birds. Moreover, on bad weather days such as thunderstorms or harsh sun, your garage is a proper shelter for them to drop by. If birds can seek your home as a refuge from the sun and rain, they can also find warmth in your house with a heated indoor and cozy fireplace. Additionally, your home may be viewed as an ideal place for birds to nest and raise their young, especially from April to June every year. 

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how to keep birds out of garage
Why are birds attracted to my house?

10 easy tips on how to keep birds out of garage and your home

Understanding the reasons attracting birds indoors will help you know how to stop wildlife from finding its way into your home. Let’s look at some ideas for keeping birds out of your garage without hurting them.

Keep the doors shut

This one is pretty obvious, but the most effective way to keep birds from making a home in your garage. Keeping the doors shut is likely to protect your house from birds dropping by. 

Repel them with sound

It can make sense to use sound to repel birds as well. In fact, you can purchase sound machines specifically made to keep birds away. These sound machines typically emit tones at a frequency that only animals can hear. One of the best sounds to get birds to scatter (and perhaps not to return) are synthetic sounds such as high-frequency, ultrasonic sounds.

Don’t store food or nesting materials

It goes without saying that, if you want birds to stay away, don’t offer anything that attracts them. As mentioned above, two of the most common reasons that birds come into your garage or house are that they need to seek food or shelter to nest. Therefore, you had better keep food or nesting items away from the garage or windows. Be sure to station bird feeders well away from your house.

Cover your windows

A bird might find its way into your house when they see light coming through a window or a door. Thus, the bird falsely assumes it can fly right through. To cut down on this potential bird attractant, simply cover your windows with something to block out the light. 

Let your cat help

If you have a cat or cats, you might already have a solution to your bird problem. Cats are typically good at chasing off birds. 

Give them food and shelter

Birds usually find their way into your garage when they are looking for something. If you want to find a way to get birds out of the garage, give them a better alternative in your backyard or surrounding areas. You can supplement natural shelter on your property by installing a birdhouse or nesting box.

Use Avian control to safely repel birds

Often used professionally on airports and farms, this simple and effective method of bird control protects your property in a way that is harmless to humans, birds, and other animals. With Avian Control liquid bird repellent, you can easily stop birds from ever getting into your house or garage. 

Paint garage door

The small avian species are scared of the owls and other predators such as cats and dogs. For hundreds of years, farmers across the world have used scarecrows to be able to deter crows from coming for their crops. Therefore, you can paint your garage door with your chosen predator animal to scare the birds away. Birds are naturally afraid of owls because of the predatory nature of these beasts, so it is proposed that having an artificial owl would be successful in keeping other birds away. 

Install netting

Netting can be placed in the windows and eaves of your garages and sheds where birds might be gaining access inside. Using netting, without a doubt, may reduce birds’ access to openings. Good netting should be made of high-quality, durable polypropylene. Make sure it is attached securely so that birds cannot move around it. 

Put up obstacles to prevent landing together

If a bird can’t land on the roof or surface of your shed or garage, to begin with, it will likely choose a new location to build a nest and get comfortable. You can use boards, glazes, or bird wires. 

How to keep birds out of garage
How to keep birds out of garage?


Occasionally, we really like to have birds around our home. However, when birds get into our house or garage, it becomes a long-term nuisance. Whether they come there to look for food, shelter, or a place to nest, they can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. With the 10 tips above, we hope that you can know how to keep birds out of garage and house. These simple methods will not harm the birds as you remove them from your place. Let’s try some suitable ways and share with us your experiences.