All you should know about Maven binoculars reviews

Maven is one of the fast-growing brands of binoculars in the USA, receiving a lot of love from people due to its fully customized products according to the needs of customers. Today, I will do a Maven binoculars reviews to give you an overview of this well-known brand and its main series of optics. 

All about the Maven brand

Maven binoculars reviews
Maven binoculars reviews. Source: Maven website

When was Maven established?

The company was officially launched in 2014. Maven is owned by three friends Cade, Brendon, and Mike. 

Where are Maven binoculars made?

Maven is an American company based in Lander, Wyoming. Wyoming is where they design their instruments. Almost their lens glass is imported from Japan, China, or the Philippines to cut down the cost of the products. However, the final part of putting together is manufactured in America to ensure the products’ standards. Only a few optics businesses have strict quality control like Maven. 

Are Maven binoculars good?

Customizing your binoculars is a service provided by Maven that distinguishes them from the majority of other brands. Although you are limited in your ability to select the optical components and coatings you want, you may choose the color of some of the body parts and, if you so desire, you can have your name engraved on it. Additionally, Maven has an inventory of several, less expensive models and designs that are available for immediate shipping. 

There are two binocular lines (B and C), each of which has many models with various features. The B series of binoculars are built in the US using Japanese parts.  The C series binoculars are made in the Philippines. 

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Maven Optics Reviews – two main series 

B Series 

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The Maven B Series binoculars offer premium optic performance at a high price point. The B Series is more premium than the C Series. This line is expected to compete with the world’s best-performing binoculars. 

In comparison to the most renowned and expensive binoculars in the world, the Maven B Series stands for the pro line of optics. Modern sportsman-inspired designs combined with the greatest materials and cutting-edge technologies produce an uncompromising aesthetic. 

  • These binoculars have a magnesium frame that is strong, lightweight, and fully rubber-armored. 
  • They also have three-position twist-up eyecups that can be removed for simple cleaning. The eyecups also fold, giving persons wearing glasses access to the whole field of view. 
  • They also include the use of extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for better color and clarity. 
  • Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms are used that contain dielectric coatings which due to their very high reflectivity index increased brightness and image quality. 

Here are 4 best sellers in this series:

  • Maven B1.2 binoculars: As the name implies, the Maven B1.2 binocular series is an upgrade to the B.1 binoculars. They offer wider vistas, are lighter, use better optical coatings, are smaller in size, and have improved close focus distance.
  • Maven B2 binoculars: This B2 series differs from the B1 series in that it employs Abbe-Koenig roof prisms rather than the Schmidt-Pechan design. Abbe-Koenig prisms have a longer focal length and are thinner (less compact), which are considered to be preferable for minimizing some aberrations. 
  • Maven B4 binoculars: Large instruments with 56mm objective lenses are B4 types. The 12x and 15x models’ enhanced light-gathering capabilities offer brilliant images even at greater magnifications. This line is best for Tripod-mounted Observation, Lowlight, Stargazing, and Wildlife glassing. 
  • Maven B6 binoculars: The B.6, which comes in 10x50mm and 12x50mm magnifications, is the first model in the B Series to be provided with 50mm objective lenses. In its B.6 binocular, Maven uses wide-angle Schmidt-Pechan prisms and improved coatings.

C series

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The Maven C series serves the mid-range segment and is the line of hunting and birding binoculars. While the B Series is produced and built individually, the C Series is produced in the hundreds, and are sample inspected, rather than individually inspected. This is considered to be Maven’s entry-level with 4 lines including C1, C2, C3, and C4.

  • They all have ED glass, an extra lotus version of glass that significantly eliminates aberration, and the color fuzzies around the object
  • With Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms, all have dielectric coatings to maximize light visibility throughout the entire optical path.
  • All of them have external lens protective coating to protect the objective lenses from scratches, mud, oil, dirt, or fingerprints
  • The IPX6 waterproof rating nitrogen purged housing polymer frames. The polymer frame makes the C Series lighter than the B Series.

To dig deep into each line:

  • C1: The C1 line all have 42 millimeters of objective lenses. They can be used for general purposes, birdwatching, and hunting. The Maven C1 binoculars feel great in your hands thanks to a lovely thumb notch on the underside of the barrels. Everything about them makes it seem like they are well constructed. The Maven C1 binoculars’ eye cups have four different configurations and are sturdy and well-built. They remain firmly in place when completely extended to either the position with the most or the least eye relief.
  • C2: The C2 line is the most compact binoculars with objective lenses of 28 millimeters. They are excellent for observation activities such as recreational use, birdwatching, sightseeing, hiking, and events. 
  • C3: The C3 line is larger than the C1 and C2. They have the size of lenses of 50 millimeters. Besides birdwatching, and wildlife glassing, they are suitable for lowlight use and tactical use. They can be mounted to a tripod. 

Maven’s services

Shipping services


Maven can ship internationally to anywhere in the world. To calculate the shipping cost, you can check the checkout process. With fully customized products according to customer’s needs, you will have to wait longer than available binoculars at the store. 

You can find shipping information here

Warranty Policy

Maven optics are manufactured with a sense of responsibility. A guaranteed lifetime warranty* is included with every Maven optic. You can get in touch with them right away for repair or replacement if your optic is ever damaged or shows any signs of fault. Here is the warranty policy of Maven optic.

Any Maven product in stock may be returned for a full refund within two weeks. All items must be brand-new. Custom products are made to order and cannot be exchanged for cash.


All in all, Maven is well-known for its good quality and reliability with distinctive customized binoculars that other brands don’t have. Their two famous series (B series and C series) serve two different segments: the high-end and mid-range. You should gain more information about Maven binoculars reviews to choose the most suitable binoculars for your needs.