Outdoors Without Limits National Programs are funded by the national office and are typically co-hosted with community-based chapters. Additionally, these events can be co-hosted by OWL partners in an effort to provide more participation and opportunities for awareness. Ultimate Adventure events tend to be larger in size resulting in additional logistics, expenses and the need for additional volunteers. Ultimate Adventure events can include all facets of outdoor recreational opportunities.

The “American Heroes” Program

The mission of the American Heroes program at Outdoors Without Limits is to provide a way for wounded and disabled U.S. Veterans, and their families to transition from military to civilian life. We understand the obstacles that they face and we strongly believe that assisting them with their transition through their love of the outdoors is beneficial. The goal of the American Heroes program at OWL is to keep all wounded/disabled Veterans active by taking them on hunting and fishing trips and other outdoor activities across North America. Veterans and their families endure so much in protecting our freedoms, many giving the ultimate sacrifice and we feel it is our duty to show our gratitude for what they have done for our country.

Furthermore, this program is also dedicated to our American Heroes who have served our country on American soil such as Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS staff.  These individuals protect us night and day by allowing us to sleep peacefully at night.  They stand the line and have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.

Outdoors Without Limits is dedicated to our Veterans and First Responders and their families. The outdoors serves as a common sanctuary for many, to find peace and tranquility, no matter what we lose or troubled we face. We can find ourselves in the outdoors where we are all accepted despite any ailments.

OWL Conservation Program

Wildlife conservation is a practice in which hunters and land owners attempt to protect endangered plant and animal species, along with their habitats. The goal of the OWL Conservation Program is to ensure the abundant life and beauty of nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to us as a nation.

Outdoors Without Limits assists with wildlife conservation in many ways. For example, many land owners need help with harvesting an excessive number or types of wildlife species so their property has a better habitat ratio. In all cases, OWL participants and their teammate are expected to adhere to the land owner’s request, requirements and needs.

Ultimately and most importantly, Outdoors Without Limits promotes taking care of the land owner’s property. With our partnerships we strive to leave the property in better condition than when we arrived. Conservation is not an individual responsibility – It takes a group effort from all who are participating.

“Opportunity for All” Program

Outdoors Without Limits understands the importance of community awareness and the necessity of community involvement. After a chapter has met their required goal of hosting two (2) opportunity events, they are eligible to host an “Opportunity for All” outreach event/events for kids or women within their community.

When a disabled person is engaged in an experience that focuses on their ability, their spirit changes. Outdoors Without Limits events change non-disabled participants, too – they begin to see that wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, scars, and canes don’t define who people are and what they can do. Local Chapters plan events for those disabled participants in their area.

OWL “Disabled Outdoorsman” Program

The OWL “Disabled Outdoorsmen” program allows Chapters the opportunity to host an assortment of outdoor related events. These events are designed to be inclusive in that they welcome participation regardless of a person’s age or disability. Chapter logistics dictate the type of the event, as well as the quantity of participants.

The “Kids Without Limits” Program (Camo Kids)

The Kids Without Limits program is built on the belief that through the eyes and hearts of children, anything is possible.  Our program is designed to not only teach our children what the wonderful world of the outdoors is all about, but to encourage them to be positive members of their communities by instilling the values, respect, understanding, and loyalty we hope for all our children to possess. Children who are enrolled in Camo Kids will enjoy year-round activities ranging from hunting and fishing to camping and hiking, all while enjoying the outdoors with other children and their families.

The “Senior Outdoorsmen” Program

Who introduced you to the outdoors? Was it a parent, sibling, family member or friend? 90% of all outdoorsmen and women were introduced to hunting and fishing by a parent, most likely their father. How would you like to return the love of the outdoors back to those that provided the privilege to you?

Unforgettable outdoor memories and the excitement to participate fades, but never disappears as we age. While age might bring on body aches, assorted ailments and possibly even a disability, the love of the outdoors stays imbedded within senior outdoorsman across the US.

Outdoors Without Limits realizes many of our senior outdoorsmen are unable to participate in outdoor related activities due to the lack of available opportunities and seeks to change this.