The Outdoors Without Limits “Community Based” concept of pairing disabled and non-disabled participants as partners is at the heart of the organizations success. Partnering demonstrates the importance of teamwork, relationship building and awareness. This primary focus is forged between Outdoors Without Limits and its partners.

Available Partnerships

OWL Development Partners
Direct donations that support organizational mission, goals and development.

Product Donation Partners
Allows the opportunity to raise needed program revenue through product donations. The partner receives the same benefits as revenue contributors. The level of partnership is determined by the retail value of donated product.

Equipment Donation Partners
Donate equipment for use at National events. In order to provide an environment where disabled individuals can experience full participation in outdoor events we need adaptive and accessible equipment for use within events. Partnerships will be based on the retail value of donated equipment.

Product Review Partners
Designed to help identify adaptable products and specialty designed equipment. These products are aimed directly at benefiting disabled individuals. Products are used within local and National opportunity events. A product “Overview and Analysis” report is completed and returned to the partner.

National Event Partners
OWL host several large outdoor related National events. These events provide an access to hundreds of people; participants, family members, volunteers, landowners, guides, boat captains and media outlets etc. Partnerships directly benefit the events success. Event Partnerships allows partners the opportunity to display banners, products and promotional materials at events.

Royalty Partners
When choosing to enroll in the licensing and royalty program, partners receive the rights to reproduce the Outdoors Without Limits logo/Logo’s and marks on approved products. Royalty percentages are based on retail distribution.

Partnerships for All Partners
We believe all potential partners should have the opportunity to participate in a level in which they can afford or choose. We will work with all potential partners to design a customized partnership package to meet their specific abilities, needs and commitments.